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This AWAY Suitcase Is the Perfect Dupe for Luxury Aluminum Luggage

The popular Netflix show Emily in Paris has plot holes, shallow character arcs and a million other issues, but the aesthetic is just. so. fun. It’s an escape into campy clothes and playful interiors. Is it culturally authentic? Absolutely not. But that’s not why fans are captivated. After watching the season two premiere, everyone’s captivated with where to get that suitcase. No spoilers, but Savoir uses real-life luxury luggage company Rimowa in a new campaign for the fictional Pierre Cadault fashion designer and the aluminum suitcase is gorgeous. You can actually buy it in real life, however, these aluminum rollers are $$$$$. Larger sizes retail over $2,000, but we found a really good dupe that will save you half and even nearly a third of the price depending on the size. The best part: It’s still made of real, shiny silver aluminum.

The German bags feature a signature fluting that is as pretty as it is practical. Yes, the aluminum is sleek and shiny, but these bags are also incredibly tough — far more than other hardshell roller bag materials.

Is it an absolute ringer? No. AWAY’s aluminum edition of luggage has horizontal lines instead of vertical fluting, but other details are remarkably similar. The vintage-style side handles and TSA locks look a lot alike, as do the corner caps and silver-on-black wheels, but the best part is the material. Often times with our dupes, we have to sacrifice material for a lower price, such as satin for silk or painted plastic in lieu of real brass, but not with AWAY. These suitcases are real aluminum, and that’s the real bargain. Each size, from carry-on to medium to large, is about one inch apart in size from Rimowa luggage, but the price difference is phenomenal. You can score the AWAY carry-on for less than half the price of the Rimowa. Same deal with the medium bag, and the large roller is nearly one-third of the price!

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