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The Best Lawn Mowers Under $750 for Every Yard

If mowing your lawn is starting to feel like a never-ending chore — seriously, how does grass grow that fast? — it’s time to upgrade to a quality mower with more power, width or design to help you tackle your yard’s pain points. We’ve rounded up the best lawn mowers, both gas and electric, with stellar reviews and great value. All of these machines, whether push mower or self-propelled lawn mower, are under $750 with free shipping. Take a look at our top picks below and see which lawn mower is best for your yard.

When shopping for a lawn mower, the first thing to consider is size. If your yard is less than one acre, a walk-behind mower is just what you need. If your yard is larger than one acre, that gets into riding lawn mower territory. For this guide, we’re focusing on the classic walk-behind lawn mower which is separated into two design camps: push mowers and self-propelled mowers. A push lawn mower is powered by the person, whereas a self-propelled mower has a transmission that drives the mower forward, thereby making it easier for the person. Think of it like an e-bike with pedal assist. But that convenience comes at a premium; self-propelled mowers are significantly more expensive than push mowers.

Fuel is another important factor to consider when shopping as there are two main choices: gas and electric. Like other outdoor appliances and tools, gas mowers tend to have more powerful engines and that comes in handy when mowing big, strenuous hills but the downside is remembering to refuel and having to buy gas. Alternatively, electric mowers generally are not as powerful but come in a wide variety of sizes, including compact models, and are more sustainable. However, electric mowers may not be a good choice for larger yards as you may run out of power and have a half-mowed front yard until the mower can recharge. Like cars, lawn mower brands feature different models with different engines, and sometimes it’s a different brand name. Honda is one of the most popular lawn mower engine brands and continues to earn high praise no matter which style of lawn mower it’s paired with.

If you want power, buy the Honda. Reviews say this self-propelled Honda HRX mower is fast, efficient and tackles thick, overgrown grass with absolute ease. One review said, “This machine goes through high grass like a hot knife goes through soft butter.”

For power under $300, this Troy-Bilt push mower gets the job done. It’s earned high praise and more than 1,300 five-star reviews on The Home Depot. Shoppers say it’s incredibly easy to assemble and start.

The New York Times says the EGO POWER+ is the best lawn mower you can buy on the internet. And more than 6,000 reviewers on Lowe’s agree. People LOVE this electric, self-propelled mower particularly for its ability to run an entire hour on one charge. At $679, it comes with premium features such as more blade adjustments for grass height, more speed variables and three-in-one mulching, bagging and side discharge for clippings.

This Sun Joe would also win the best compact category. At just 14 inches, it’s intended for smaller yards. And at just $98, it’s great for your wallet. But don’t let the size or price fool you. This little unit has earned glowing reviews from shoppers who were pleasantly surprised at this tiny mower’s ability to tackle thick, dense grass.

If you have a big veggie garden, patio or swing set, that cuts down on the actual yard to mow, but if your front or back yard is one blank canvas, that’s a lot of grass. Save time with an XL mower. This self-propelled Greenworks PRO has a much larger blade width than other mowers which means fewer passes across the yard and less time spent mowing. The downside is that this unit takes up more storage space. While wider blades are great, if you have close to an acre or more, it might be time to consider a riding lawn mower.

While the budget electric mower above would be perfect for small yards, this Black + Decker is perfect for even smaller yards. Like the little sliver of grass in between your driveway and the sidewalk. Or a tiny green patch between your home and the curb if you live in the city. For urban homes with these teeny, tiny micro yards, you likely don’t have the storage space for a big mower either. That’s why this 12-inch compact machine is perfect for small jobs and small storage.

Whether you’re going up or down, mowing hills is the worst. Pushing a non-self-propelled mower up a hill is arduous, and wrangling a self-propelled mower down a steep hill has its own safety hazards. This Makita features both power and control with a self-propelled mower and super-cushioned handle for easy maneuvering.

There was a time before gas or electric mowers, and if you want to punish a teenager, a manual lawn mower is a great lesson in history and hard work. Jokes aside, a simple manual mower is perfect for small yards less than one-quarter of an acre. And it’s great for condos or garden homes where you might just have a strip of grass out front or around a mailbox. This American Lawn Mower Company model is just $99 on Amazon and comes with free two-day shipping for Prime members. Just be careful with storing a manual reel. Unlike larger mowers with a hood, the blades on a manual reel are exposed, and they are very sharp.

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