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Stoney Clover Lane Just Launched a Collection at Target and We Want It All

Target’s done it again. And by done it again I mean partnered with a popular designer brand to bring $$$$ items to the people for less. Behold: Stoney Clover Lane x Target. This is not a drill. SCL is coming to Target on April 2 with a massive collection nearly 300 items! — that makes the accessory brand more affordable than ever. But wait there’s more. The collection includes other lifestyle products beyond the brand’s signature bags. There’s fashion, shoes, beach essentials, stationery and even pet accessories. It’s a full Stoney Clover Lane world with four major colorways: Clear Skies, Pinky Promise, Sunshine Smiles and Rainbow Dreams, including so much bright gingham. It makes my heart happy. Take a look at our favorites items below most under $20! — and stock up on fun storage and accessories for the summer.

If you’re unfamiliar with the organization empire that is Stoney Clover Lane, it’s one of our favorite women-owned home brands created by two sisters who wanted to make the simplest accessories customizable, from pouches to packing cubes. Nearly everything at SCL can be personalized with the brand’s signature patches and embroidery. There are tons of themed collections with different colors, materials and designs, but customization comes at a premium. The smallest pouches start around $50, patches are around $20 and official stitching at SCL boutiques is $15 per item, per patch. It’s a whole thing. This Target collab makes the SCL way so much more accessible with smaller pouches about a fifth of the typical cost and patch sets for the cost of one regular patch.

As an SCL fan, I was skeptical of how Target could find a sweet spot for quality vs. cost, but they did. I got to take a sneak peek at a couple of pouches and compare them to the regular SCL pouches that I own, and I was blown away. First, the iconic gold-plated hardware is heavy like a traditional SCL pouch, and the fabric is fairly sturdy, too. However, it’s not the tough nylon SCL fans know. It’s a thick, recycled polyester. As for size, there are dozens of mini, small and flat pouches (some of the most popular sizes in the SCL world) to shop. Some even come with patches already attached! If you’re shopping from a dupe mindset, I still can’t get over how much these blue and pink small pouches look like SCL regulars.

What would a Stoney Clover Lane pouch be without patches? The collab includes dozens of patches, from varsity letters to terry cloth symbols, and what impressed me is the signature 3M sticky backing. This is the exact same backing as regular SCL patches. Though, SCL still recommends a quick hand stitch to secure the patch completely. (Target items won’t be accepted at SCL boutiques for official stitching.)

Like pouches, SCL has signature bags made from the same material, and you can snag a couple of these silhouettes in the collab, too! The duffle and backpack are hands down two of the most popular SCL bags, and I still can’t believe you can buy both for under $50 at Target. A regular SCL backpack is about $150, and the classic duffle is over $200. It’s as if SCL duped their own bags with authentic dupes. The light blue duffle is just. so. good. There are even cheaper market bags for $5 as opposed to the regular $14 ones.

SCL pouches make packing fun, and now you can score colorful packing cubes for about $8 a cube. Truly, that is a steal. And while the traditional large SCL pouch doesn’t make much of an appearance in this collab, we noticed this airplane patch outfitted one that comes with a side handle. For Target, there are even more ways to shop SCL travel accessories, from luggage tags to actual luggage that you can put vinyl stickers on!

Now, this is where it gets really exciting. For this collab, Target invited Stoney Clover Lane to give a bunch of outdoor accessories and beach essentials the SCL treatment and you need it all for summer. All. Of. It. I’m obsessed with all the rainbow gingham inflatables, and did you see this pink gingham cooler bag?!

If you thought the gingham cooler bag was the stuff of summer dreams, brace yourself for the SCL pet collection. I screamed when I saw this pet carrier, and there’s a collar and leash to match! There’s also a second collection with mint green stripes and palm trees that would be so cute for the beach, but I just can’t give it any air time when there’s this pink pièce de résistance.

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